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The acidic chemical substancesin industry serve diverse purposes across various domains, spanning from chemical engineering to pharmaceuticals, and metal treatment.
Alkaline chemical products are vital across industries, from basic chemical manufacturing to specialized industrial applications.
Salt chemical products are widely used across industries like chemical manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and others.
Oxidizing agents in chemical products play key roles across industries for oxidation, bleaching,disinfection, and catalyzing chemical reactions.
Reducing agent chemicals find broad applications in industries like chemicals, food processing, and textiles, serving diverse purposes from bleaching to preservation.
Organic chemicals exhibit diversity and extensive applications, spanning from fundamental compounds to various aspects of daily life.
Reagent chemicals are used in labs, scientific experiments, and industries for analysis, measurements, and research purposes.
Other types of chemicals, such as gas,etc.
Meeting Diverse Market or Customer Needs By Offering Products in Various Sizes or Capacities
The containers used for repackaging chemical products include various types, typically chosen based on the nature of the product, usage requirements, and safety considerations. Common types of containers for repackaging chemicals include:
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XIONGDA offers unmatched contract manufacturing chemical services and capabilities for every industry. We are proud to offer custom contract manufacturing and chemical manufacturing management for industries including:
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Plastics and Polymers Coatings and Paints
Agricultural Chemicals Cosmetics and Personal Care Petrochemicals and Energy
Food Additives Rubber and Adhesives Cleaners and Sanitizers
Electronic Chemicals Textiles Glass and Ceramics
Metal Processing Construction and Building Materials Environmental and Wastewater Treatment
Pulp and Paper Leather Processing Animal Feed
Automotive Industry Aerospace Industry

盐酸  Hydrochloric acid

Hydrochloric acid
Hydrogen chloride
acide chlorhydrique
Marine acid
CAS 7647-01-0

Hydrochloric acid Industrial Grade
Hydrogen chloride Industrial Grade
acide chlorhydrique Industrial Grade
Marine acid Industrial Grade
HCL Industrial Grade
Hydrochloric acid Food Grade
Hydrogen chloride Food Grade
acide chlorhydrique Food Grade
Marine acid Food Grade
HCL Food Grade
Hydrochloric acid Reagent Grade
Hydrogen chloride Reagent Grade
acide chlorhydrique Reagent Grade
Marine acid Reagent Grade
HCL Reagent Grade

Hydrochloric acid supplier
Hydrogen chloride supplier
acide chlorhydrique supplier
Marine acid supplier
HCL supplier
Hydrochloric acid distributor
Hydrogen chloride distributor
acide chlorhydrique distributor
Marine acid distributor
HCL distributor
Hydrochloric acid manufacturer
Hydrogen chloride manufacturer
acide chlorhydrique manufacturer
Marine acid manufacturer
HCL manufacturer
Wholesale Hydrochloric acid
Wholesale Hydrogen chloride
Wholesale acide chlorhydrique
Wholesale Marine acid


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